Why Dogs Jump Up

If you're wondering why dogs jump up, you might be surprised to discover that you are probably guilty of instigating this behavior in your dog when it was still a puppy.

Dogs are naturally social animals, when they meet other dogs they are face to face with them, but humans' faces are not on the same level.

Dogs study our faces to look for signs of affection or approval. When they are puppies they are constantly lifted up to be at the same hight as our faces and they think that this is the way they should communicate.

Without knowing it, we are teaching our young dog thats it's O.K. to react to us face to face but as they grow and dogs jump up to greet us it becomes a big problem, especially with a large breed of dog that can easily knock a child off it's feet.

Jumping up is one of the bad habits we may unwittingly teach our dog, so punishing this conduct is unjust.

When dogs jump up, we all hear of people smacking the dog on the nose, grabbing hold and squeezing his paws, and even kneeing him in the chest to try and put a stop to this behavior.

These actions can have a damaging effect on the relationship you have with your dog and can lead to even more problems.

The simplest solution is to be determined, even when they are a puppy, never allow dogs to jump up on anyone.

Dogs get exited when other people come to the house or their owner returns home after work. Most visitors won't appreciate a dog jumping up on them when they walk through the door so keep your dog in another room until you've taught him better manners.

Teach him to sit and stay when you arrive home and then reward him by making a fuss, but if he persists in jumping up, ignore him. He'll soon get the message that jumping up is not the way to get your attention.


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