Natural Remedies for Urethra Cancer in Dogs

Tess Thompson

Urethra cancer in dogs is a relatively less common cancer than other types. It is normally seen in older female dogs and should not be confused with a prolapsed urethra or protrusion of the urethral lining. There is no known cause of urethral carcinoma in dogs, but it is suspected that carcinogens in the urine that pass through the system are the major perpetrators.

The urethra can be affected by external carcinogens such as environmental pollutants. Internally, the liver metabolizes everything, including medications that are ingested by the dog.

Certain autoimmune medications are not initially carcinogenic, but metabolism converts them into chemicals that tend to cause cancer. There may also be a case of diets containing preservatives and harmful chemicals that metabolize into cancer-causing substances.

Urethra cancer in dogs mostly affects the membranous tissue covering the urethra, known as the squamous epithelium. Squamous cell carcinoma in dogs and transitional cell carcinoma are the most common type of carcinoma seen in canine urethra.

Conventional treatment of urethral carcinoma involves surgical removal or chemotherapy. However, the medical fraternity is also actively involved in the science of cancer immunology. It is based on the premise that the body's immune system can be strengthened to fight cancer. Natural remedies for urethra cancer in dogs can play an important role in this field.

The immune system is the body's own defense mechanism against foreign substances that cause infection or disease. Herbs and natural remedies are known for exactly this aspect of treatment of the disease. Natural and holistic treatments that include herbal remedies and homeopathic cancer treatment for dogs focus on specific symptoms along with the general health of the immune system.

The immune system defends against cancer through a complicated process that involves several types of white blood cells. There are always some amounts of cancerous cells that are present in the body, but a healthy immune system is usually able to neutralize them.

With advanced age, continued exposure to environmental carcinogens, improper commercial diets and medication, the immune system loses its ability to combat disease. Natural remedies and herbs work in a way that enables production of these cells that engulf and digest bacteria, fungi and cancerous cells to inhibit abnormal cell division.

Moreover, herbs and natural remedies are comprised of complex compounds that the cancerous cells cannot breakdown and use to their advantage.

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