The Toy Dog


The toy dog is the result of many generations of selective breeding. Most are descendants of a wide range of larger dog breeds but some are ancient breeds that date back centuries and no links can be found to other types of dog.

Before toy dogs became popular, dogs were bred for a particular purpose to play a major part in providing food or protecting the family. The smaller breeds of dog were sometimes used as watch dogs to bark and alert the larger guard dog when strangers approached.

The toy dog was bred originally for the rich and upper classes for companionship and as status symbols. Many celebrities today are seldom seen out without their faithful toy dog in their arms.

They became popular for their cute appearance and as a companion but the breeding of the toy dog for appearance purposes did not begin until the 19th century.

The toy dog is intelligent, loyal and couragious. He thinks he is a big dog and won't hesitate to take on a dog much bigger than himself. They easy to care for and and are ideal as pets for people with small apartments as they require little room and limited exercise.

The toy dog is energetic and fun loving, loves human contact and will form a very strong bond with it's owner and more often than not will out live many of the larger breeds.

On the down side, the toy dog can be a fussy eater and if spoilt can become very over protective to it's owner. They are not recommended for families with small children.

It's a good idea to take your toy dog to training classes, this can prevent boredom and help control excessive barking.

The Little Dog's Prayer

A Master who is fun and kind
And understands a little dog's mind
A soft pillow for my head
While I sleep upon my bed
A walk and a meal each day
That's all I ask for when I pray.

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