Terrier Training

Although terriers are really smart dogs, terrier training can be a challenge to say the least. These independent, brave and hardy dogs have a mind of their own, and tend to do what they want to do, not what you may want them to do, so a good training program is essential.

Patience and perseverance in abundance is needed if you are to make any inroads into training your terrier. You must use your dog's high energy and love of life to get the most out of training your terrier.

Most basic commands like "sit" and "stay" don't come easy to a dog that is constantly on the go. You'll have to find something he wants or needs and use this as a trade off to get him to perform some basic obedience tasks. Co-operation is the key. Make sure he knows that he will not get what he wants unless he is willing to perform for you first. Use positive, rather than negative reinforcement.

Terriers can soon become over weight, so don't rely too much on treats when terrier training. Use a favorite toy, or plenty of praise and attention instead. Obstacle courses usings tunnels, jumps and hoops are a great idea to exercise and stimulate your terrier while he gets rid of a lot of that energy.

It's important not to raise your expectations too much at first when terrier training, unlike many other breeds, they don't naturally want to please but need quite a bit of coercing.

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