Socializing A Golden Retriever

Socializing a Golden Retriever is very important and should not be overlooked. All dog breeds behave differently towards strangers, although some dogs will disregard people completely. They may decide to glance at somebody, then continue to  pay no attention to them. Alternatively some dogs are the complete opposite and will make a fuss of everyone they meet. These sort of dogs love attention, and will take any attention that's going.

Some Golden Retrievers are happy with those they are familiar with from their own family, or those they have picked out to be friends. Others, on the other hand, may feel more easy around those of the same sex. Most Golden Retrievers are good with  children, although there are a few rare examples in which certain types of Golden Retrievers prefer adults to children. This situation is very rare, and is usually due to the way they were bred or raised.

When your puppy is between the ages of 8 weeks and 8 months, socializing a Golden Retriever is extremely important. During this time, you ought to always ensure that your Golden Retriever meets other people. Although he may be unsure at first and not have much interaction, he will in time come around. You will have to be patient with him during this time, and he will require quite a bit of reassurance from you.

Your dog’s parents also contribute to socialization skills. If the parents of your Golden Retriever were easy going with people and other dogs, the gene could have been handed down to your dog, but if the parents were shy or  aggressive dogs, those genes could be passed on as well. Puppies inherit the traits of their parents, so it is crucial to make certain that the dogs being bred are well-matched and share a passive disposition.

Puppies who are separated from their mother before they reach the age of seven weeks, won’t learn a lot of the social skills that could hve been taught to them by their mother and their siblings. Golden Retriever pups that are taken from their mother before they are seven weeks old, may tend to become aggressive around people. Although they may show this aggression towards people, they might be timid or frightful around other dogs, as they lack the skills needed to socialize properly.

Occasionally, if a puppy is injured or scared while at an early age, he can finish up in a state of trauma. This can leave an immense mark in the mind of a puppy, making it very difficult for him to shake it off and move on. Most Golden  Retriever pups that have been injured or frightened by an individual never get over it. They may grow up being fearful of humans in general, and can become very aggressive towards them when they feel frightened.

When you take your Golden Retriever puppy home for the  first time, you must always make him feel welcome as one of the family, and never let anyone or anything harm or frighten him.

To socialize your Golden Retriever, you should always make certain that he experiences a great deal of interaction with people and other dogs in his breed. This will help your Golden Retriever to learn how to socialize at any early age. As he matures in life, he will carry these skills with him. Golden Retrievers that are kept in seclusion or not given the suitable amount of interaction will turn out shy and fearful towards people and other dogs.

Socializing a Golden Retriever is just as important as a good training program if you want a happy and contented family dog.

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