Help For A Smelly Dog

All dogs can sometimes smell pretty awful, but the thing is most of us who live with a smelly dog, get used to it and we don't notice it after a while. The unpleasant reality is that these smells linger in our home and neighbours and friends do notice as soon as they set foot inside.

The'll probably be too polite to mention it so we carry on oblivious to the strong doggy smells emitting from our house.

So what can we do? Well here's a few suggestions to help to keep your dog and your home, smelling sweeter.

All dogs smell more when they're wet, so try to dry him thoroughly when he's been out swimming or in the rain. Give him a good rub down with an old towel and then use a hair dryer to finish off. Keep the hair dryer moving and on a low setting so you don't burn his skin.

You could get him a waterproof jacket that will keep the majority of the water off him. These come in all sorts of designs and have become quite a fashion item in some cities.

Groom your dog regularly, this will stop his coat from matting and get rid of any unwanted visitors that may have attached themselves to his fur.

Clip the hair of dogs around their private parts especially the dog's anus where any long hair can become stuck up with faeces.

Bath your dog every two to three months but don't over do it or he'll lose the protection of the special oils in his skin. You could always treat him to a session at the grooming parlour.

If his breath is smelly try "Gums-n-Teeth", it's a natural remedy from If this is an ongoing problem take him to the vet to have his gums and teeth checked.

Nasty smells can come from dog's ears. They may just need a good cleaning, or it could be something more serious. If in doubt, see the vet.

A smelly dog could be suffering from a disease, or maybe his diet needs changing, in which case he could have flatulence or a digestve disorder.

The soft furnishings in your home hold the odors of a smelly dog. Keep him off the furniture, make sure his bedding is washed, vacuum regularly, open windows when you can and let plenty of fresh air in.

Follow these tips and you'll soon have a sweeter smelling dog and home.

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