A Healthy, Shiny Dog Coat

The internal good health of your pet is reflected in a shiny dog coat. It's a matter of pride by the dog's owner to keep his dog's coat looking beautiful at all times. To keep your dog looking at his best means not only a good grooming program but attention must be given to your dogs diet.

Whatever breed your dog may be, a good, healthy, shiny coat is only possible if he is fed the correct nutritional diet. Natural nutritional coat supplements can also help to keep your dog looking at his best.

When buying dog food read the label carefully. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals need to be present in a proper balance to ensure a healthy skin. If you are making a homemade diet for your dog, you should get advice about the contents form your veterinarian first, as different breeds have different requirements.

If your dog is suffering from intestinal parasites this can ultimately affect the condition of his coat as any nutrient benefits will be cancelled out by the worms. These are usually noticed in the feces of the dog.

All breeds of dogs need to be groomed by their owners. Combs are available for removing mats and untangling long hair. Regular brushing can remove dead hair and scales from the skin. Regular grooming can also help in early detection and treatment of external parasites like ear mites and fleas or ticks that can cause excessive scratching and hair loss making your dog's life a misery.

Dogs can have an allergic reaction to human shampoos. There are special shampoos for a shiny dog coat. These dog shampoos have a lower ph level which is more suitable for a dog's skin and don't irritate the dog's eyes.

Many dog skin problems can be detected early if your pet is groomed regularly. Dog dandruff and canine acne can easily be treated and your pet will soon have a shiny dog coat to be proud of.

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