Saw Palmetto
(Sabal Serrulata)

Saw Palmetto is a native of North America and grows well on sand dunes. The herb exists in great density along the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts from South Carolina to Texas.

Saw palmetto typically evolves from seeds and demands an abundance of sunlight and well drained soil to flourish. Although spring is the best time of the year for sowing saw palmetto seeds, the plant?s berries are harvested in autumn. The berries are then deseeded and dried in sunlight.

Saw Palmetto (Sabal Serrulata) is acknowledged to be highly effective in supporting prostate health and numerous clinical trials have confirmed its benefits. Saw Palmetto is widely regarded as an excellent prostate tonic.

Saw palmetto was a regular component in herbal remedies during the first half of the 20th century and was commonly used as moderate diuretic as well as in remedies for chronic cystitis. Saw palmetto herb was also considered to be an efficient therapy for enlarged prostates.

Tonics prepared from saw palmetto were specially found to be useful in the reproductive system and was widely used to cure weakening of the testes, prostrate swelling as well as all irritations in the reproductive system.

Natural dog remedies containing Saw Palmetto  

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