The Pug


The pug is a small, feisty dog that dates back over 2000 years. In the past they have become the favorite subjects of many famous painters. They weigh between 14-18 pounds and are 10 inches to 14 inches tallt. They are called Mops in Germany and Carlin in France.

The Pug breed comes in many colors including black, apricot-fawn or silver. They are AKC recognized as a member of the Toy Group
Their coat is short and glossy and very easy to maintain. They only require an occasional brushing and only need bathing when necessary but the creases in their face need cleaning on a regular basis. Pugs love attention and they typically enjoy the attention that a good brushing gives them. Their curly tail, flat muzzle and prominent eyes are three of their best known appearance traits.

Pugs were born to be companion dogs, they enjoy attention and love of their family. They need an owner that will not leave them alone for long periods of time on a regular basis and do best in homes where someone is around most of the time.

They are a lap dog and delight in relaxing with their family, but they also have an energetic side and demand plenty of play time. They are happy-go-lucky little dogs. who do well around other pets and dogs, but early socialization is recommended. They have an "I’m in charge" attitude with their family and other pets. Because of this, and their small size, they get on better with older, well behaved children. The pug is an excellent guard dog and they will let you know if they hear an unfamiliar sound or if someone is at the door.

Dating back to 700 BC, the Pug developed in China. There is a debate among many groups as to which dogs were used to formulate the pug. Pugs were chiefly utilized as companion dogs for royalty and nobility. They were introduced to Europe through trade ships traveling between China and Europe. One story says that it was a Pug that saved the life of William, Prince of Orange by alerting him that the Spaniards were drawing close.

Napoleon’s wife employed a Pug to transmit a secret message to him when she was in prison. Winston Churchill’s wife called him by the nickname Pug. Then there is the famous pug called Frank who appeared in the movies Men in Black and Men in Black II.

With their loveable, happy nature and need for affection and companionship, the Pug makes a good breed of dog for families looking for a lap dog with a take charge attitude. They enjoy traveling or simply staying at home as they are happy as long as they are with their family.
Their whimsical looks and nature make them hard to resist.