Natural Remedies for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

In depth research suggests that dogs have reasonably high intelligence. Even so, this does not mean that dogs can premeditate and work out problems. What they do have is a certain connection between cause and effect that registers in their minds over time.

Separation anxiety in dogs develops from precisely these types of cause and effect associations that they learn by trial and error. Some dogs take separation from owners in their stride but some resort to undesirable behaviors. These undesirable behaviors can become destructive behaviors at times. Aside from separation anxieties, some dogs can also show anxious conduct during thunderstorms, car rides or when visitors arrive.

Established medications rely upon antidepressants to suppress anxiety. The side effects of the drugs are an inhibiting factor and often lead people to a search for alternate measures. Natural remedies for separation anxiety in dogs and diets are effective measures that can prove to be curative while avoiding the side effects that drugs can cause.

Natural remedies for separation anxiety in dogs are a safe method to calm emotional upheavals in petss. Homeopathic remedies do not stimulate sleep so that the negative behavior can be avoided. They ease the anxiety levels, particularly when the dog comes across anxious situations like separation from the owner. You can choose a packaged product or consult a qualified homeopathic veterinarian who will then give you a particular medicine for severe anxiety.

Herbs can be used as natural remedies for separation anxiety in dogs. They also tone up and strengthen the body by assisting in digestion and sustaining a healthy metabolic rate. Essences made from different plants and flowers known for their medicinal attributes have shown to be efficient in relieving anxiety in dogs and humans. The herbs can be administered orally or can be rubbed near the paws or ears. They can also be added to drinking water.

One particular potion of herbs that can render relief from anxiety is a mixture of ginger root, chamomile, valerian root and passion flower. Herbs and oils for treating mild to moderate anxiety normally take longer to start taking effect, but they prove to be more effective in fighting the main cause of the problem as compared to antidepressant drugs.

The natural approach that all alternative therapies take is a holistic one. Matched with behavior modification efforts, natural remedies for separation anxiety in dogs can prove to be very effective. Since the main objective is to attempt relieving stress in dogs, these can be extremely helpful in accomplishing overall relief from any kind of stress that is causing anxious behavior.

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