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Good Dog Care promotes the use of natural dog remedies for the prevention and treatment of many of the ailments that can affect your pet including emotional and psychological problems. Antibiotics can damage the immune system of your pet, but natural dog remedies can gently treat the animal without many of the nasty side effects that conventional medicines can cause.

Natural dog remedies are as popular as herbal remedies for people and a whole new list of these products are available for treatments and preventions of some of the problems that can befall your pet.

These natural dog remedies are inexpensive and a safe alternative to try before opting for the normal prescription medicine.

From energy giving tonics, and lotions for skin and coat care, to help with muscle and joint problems, all of these afflictions can be treated naturally to help your dog back to pristine health.

Alternative and complementary therapies and medicines for dogs, are proving very successful in treating long standing diseases that tend to reappear after drugs are no longer administered.

A full list of the natural dog remedies can be found Here. This homeopathic range of treatments has no unpleasant or dangerous side effects but still achieves successful results.

In the wild, animals instinctively seek out healing herbs to help them when they are ill or undernourished. In fact, Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of medicine, respected dogs very highly for their ability to seek out and eat medicinal herbs in the wild.

This ability is shared by other animals, including cats. We are coming to realize that nature often has the answers - but animals have always known this! Natural medicine can help your pet just as it can help you. While there is always a place for conventional veterinary medicine, natural medicine can compliment conventional veterinary care and in many cases cure your pets just as well - without the side effects and damage to health that can accompany synthetic drugs and antibiotics.

The PetAlive Homeopathic range has been formulated with this knowledge and is specifically designed to treat your pet in a holistic and natural manner.

Packed With Fascinating, Cutting-Edge And Vitally Useful Information, "Heal Your Dog Naturally" Takes You On A Guided Tour of How to Heal Your Dog In The Most Rapid and Profound Ways. It Covers The Real Causes Of Your Dog's Health Problems, Nutritional Advice, Herbal Treatments, Nutrient Therapies, and Much, Much More.

Heal Your Dog Naturally

Benefits of Natural Dog Care

There are a number of reasons for choosing natural dog foods and natural or holistic remedies. A holistic approach considers all things to do with your dog's health, not just the symptoms.

Major benefits of natural dog remedies

Better nutrition. Natural diets reduce contact with chemicals and preservatives but increase the intake of quality nutrients and vitamins.

Less Likelihood of developing disease. Natural foods can restrict the onset of an assortment of health problems, including allergies, digestive disorders and many others.

Natural Remedies treat the source of diseases. Holistic care also examines a dog's habitat for ways to improve health. Lowering causes of stress, like isolation or territorial conflicts, can be useful in improving their health and well being. Regular exercise and careful grooming are also fundamentals of good holistic care.

Live Longer. Natural dog care helps your dog live a long life and give you many years of loyal companionship.

Better Quality of Life. If your dog is living longer his quality of life needs to be good. holistic pet care, will provide a better quality of life for your dog.

Faster Healing Times. Holistic treatment of existing conditions by natural products will nurture faster healing. Natural ingredients are usually absorbed better by your dog and this speeds up the healing process.

Protection of the Environment. Natural products breakdown and are absorbed into the environment a lot easier than chemical products and, therefore, are more environmentally friendly.

Saves you Time. You won't be using a lot of time taking your dog to the vet's to treat different illnesses as the natural approach targets the dog as a whole, treating existing conditions at their source, not just the symptoms, and preventing new diseases from developing.

Saves You Money. You won't be wasting your money on cheaper products that can contribute to the decline in health of your dog and so create more expensive vet visits.

Always consult your vet if you are worried about the health of your pet. Conventional medicine may need to be used in some urgent or emergency cases.

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