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If liver disease in dogs is not treated soon enough, it can eventually lead to liver failure and premature death. At the same time, unless the patient is subjected to the recommended diagnostic procedures, it is not possible to detect liver disease.

The problem with liver disease in dogs is that they cannot communicate and are unable to explain or complain about gastrointestinal discomfort so owners should be vigilant and seek professional advice at the first signs of any obvious discomfort in your dog.

However crucial the diagnostic procedures may be, if early signs of liver problems in dogs are detected and reported, the problem can be treated in time. In most cases suitable treatment can facilitate complete remission of the disease.

The same probably applies to every disease but it becomes more appropriate in the case of a liver disease. Many diseases can advance at a fast rate, rendering them incurable at times.

Liver disease is a classic example where late detection and treatment can possibly lead to complete liver failure and death. Liver disease in dogs is one of the primary causes of early death.

Signs, particularly early signs of liver disease in dogs are obscure and subtle and also copy symptoms of many other diseases. Some other problems such as pancreas diseases in dogs, typically come with liver diseases and cause confusion during diagnosis.

Both conditions collectively create complications and involve keen observation on the part of a worried dog owner. More common early signs of liver disease in dogs include the following:

Bloated stomach, usually induced by accumulation of fluid

Refusal to eat resulting in weight-loss

Excessive urination

Excessive thirst

Gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and vomiting


Viral and bacterial infections

The ultimate verification, is done with laboratory tests and imaging processes to prove the prevalence of liver disease with complete certainty.

As well as other causes, the most common cause that contributes to liver disease in dogs is exposure to toxins. This includes environmental toxins in addition to those incorporated in commercial foods.

It is crucial that the dog is fed with a nourishing and healthy diet in order to sustain overall health and fitness. Commercial foods that are generally advertised as healthy can, in reality, be damaging to a dog's health.

These foods sometimes contain an tremendous amount of additives and preservatives that are really toxic for dogs. Long term trust in such diets means more toxins to get rid of.

As the pressure mounts up on the liver to eliminate them it has to work beyond its capability. The additional burden results in over work, which in the end leads to damaging the most crucial industrial center of the body.

Liver failure in dogs is an omen of early death. A liver friendly diet that permits the liver to rest and work within its boundaries is the best tool for prevention and also for sustaining the overall health of your dog.

LiverAid is a natural product to treat liver disease in dogs

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* Support the liver's cleansing and purifying functions

* Support the healthy flow of bile and maintain gall bladder health

* Support pancreatic health and functioning, including the normal production of insulin

* Help to maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range

* Act as a tonic to healthy digestive and metabolic functions

* Support vitality and healthy energy levels

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Ingredients of LiverAid for Liver Disease in Dogs

* Carduus marianus (Milk thistle) - one of the most important herbal liver tonics and restoratives, traced back more than 2000 years.

* Arctium lappa (Burdock) - herb used for many centuries as a blood purifier and system cleanser

* Chelidonium majus (Greater Celandine) - used as a digestive tonic and to support liver health

* Kalium muriaticum - essential for supporting liver and digestive functioning.

* Natrium phosphate - Used regularly, it can help to support the flow of bile from the gall bladder.

* Natrium sulphate - supporting healthy insulin production

* Lactose (inactive ingredient)

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Liver Disease is the 5th Leading Cause of Non-Accidental Death in Dogs.

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