(Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Licorice roots and licorice candy, have nothing or very little to do with each other. These are altogether different products but regrettably there is a substantial misconception concerning the two products among people.

Licorice candy is flavoured by anise oil and it comprises of very little or no licorice whatsoever. Anise oil has a flavor that is very similar to that of licorice and because of this it is frequently confused with licorice.

The properties are very different and where licorice roots are potentially toxic the other is quite common and harmless. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) can be used as a first-class tonic for the intestines, bladder, kidney and entire digestive tract.

This herb is also very effective in soothing the lining of the digestive tract. The herb has expectorant and demulcent attributes and has been used traditionally in the treatment of common colds and sinus problems in dogs.

Ancient registers from Greece and other places demonstrate it was used in the treatment of asthma, chest problems, and canker sores.

The herb?s healing and demulcent properties come in use to treat a number of ailments especially of the digestive system. Inflammation, gastritis, and excessive acid problems are all treated with the herb. Licorice is also found to be useful to ease certain chest complaints, arthritis and inflammation of joints, skin and eyes.

Licorice is also used as a gentle laxative.

Natural dog remedies containing Licorice

Sinu-Rite - Proven herbal dog sinus condition solution

Use Sinu-Rite to support respiratory health and to maintain sinus and fluid balance in the body. Keeps sinuses, noses and chests clear and support easy breathing in pets.

Digestive Support to Treat Digestive System Problems in Dogs

Promotes healthy digestive functioning, soothes gastric mucus membranes and maintains health energy levels and general well-being.

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