Labrador Retriever Training

If you've ever been involved in labrador retriever training, you'll realise just why labradors are considered one of the smartest and easiest dogs to train. As well as basic training to sit, stay, come, and even potty training, you will love the fact that your Lab can do more or less anything when properly trained.

Because of this, the Labrador Retriever is among the top choices for service dogs, which include dogs for the blind and deaf people. Also, due to the gentle and loving nature of the Labrador, it is a great dog for therapy.

After buying your new puppy, it's best to begin with the basic commands straight away. One important fact to remember is that this breed experiences a serious stage of bone growth. Consequently, the first six months of the Labrador's life should not include over activity or exercise.

Other than that, you will have a wonderful dog, willing and able to learn. Watching labrador retriever training while still young can be amusing, since the breed seems clumsy and floppy but as the dog matures, it begins to be more in control and graceful.

Now, if you purchase an older Labrador Retriever, one closer to one year of age, then the probabilities are that some bad habits have already been instilled.

In this case, it could be highly beneficial to employ a professional trainer to work with you and your dog. By you continuing to be involved, your Lab will still realize that you are the boss, while learning good behavior.

Just remember that even an adult Lab is highly trainable, again as long as suitable methods are applied.

Beginning Training

When you begin Labrador training with your new puppy, it is important to use a firm voice but not harsh. You merely need your dog to understand that you are in control. When your puppy obeys, offer positive reinforcement in the form of a small treat and lots of praise.

As this particular breed is eager to please it's master, you will soon find that training is a joy. In most cases, a Labrador can be potty trained within weeks and even taught tricks in months.

The aim with your labrador retriever training program, is to teach it not to jump. Considering this dog breed reaches upwards of 80 pounds, it could unintentionally cause harm to a small child. Although the Lab is an exceptional dog when it comes to family, especially children, you would like to teach it that jumping is not acceptable.

For this, we recommend that you or anyone coming in to the home, that the dog begins to jump on, lift up the knee, which would poke the dog in the chest. When the knee is lifted, firmly say, "No jumping". Generally, it doesn't take long for your dog to realize that jumping is forbidden.

Once you have completed your labrador retriever training program, you can take it to the local park for walks or jogs. Naturally, you will always want to keep your pet on a leash, as this is the law in most states. All the same, you will have a well trained dog at your side, one that is fun to be with, not one that is bothersome.

Since the Labrador is so easy to train, learning things almost at once, matched with its first-class temperament, this breed is rated as a top choice!

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