Symptoms of Kennel Cough in Dogs

By Tess Thompson

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Kennel Cough

An early detection of kennel cough in dogs is essential for the timely treatment of this and indeed any illness and this becomes extremely critical when we are discussing or talking in the context of man's best friend, the dog. Given the fact that your dog cannot communicate to you in your language, it is critical that you be able to identify any unusual symptoms that may appear.

Knowing the preliminary symptoms of any illness or disease is therefore, required. Kennel cough is one illness that any dog can contract if he has been in close proximity with another infected dog. Though rampant in kennels and places that board dogs, the disease can attack any dog.

Typically symptoms of kennel cough in dogs include a harsh, cough that sometimes leads to retching or gagging. The coughing bouts are exaggerated while any kind of exercising and lead to a loathing for play. Some dogs show listlessness and low levels of energy and are not excited by the things they earlier used to enjoy. This could include going for walks or playing catch. In some cases, dogs also get a fever but this is not always necessary.

Lack of appetite is another symptom that can appear at the onset of kennel cough in dogs. Other than the phlegm that is coughed up, some dogs also get a yellowish or greenish discharge from the nose or the eyes. This is normally a sign that the kennel cough is progressing into pneumonia and will need immediate attention

Some dogs are actually carriers of the disease and carry the virus or the bacteria that causes the condition without ever showing symptoms of the problem themselves. They can be hosts to the bacteria in their respiratory tracts for years and have no outward sign till one day when it may just burst and start manifesting itself. This typically happens if and when their immune systems weaken at a later date.

Even if you are aware of the symptoms and treatment for kennel cough in dogs the fact of the matter is that after your dog contracts the virus, it may take up to a week to actually manifest itself. During this course, the other pets that you may have like another dog or a cat are at a risk of getting infected. Though this cannot be helped, you should take corrective and preventive measures as soon as you know.

Various options for canine respiratory infection cure are possible. You can choose to use herbal or home remedies and these seem to be the best since kennel cough must run its course, much like the common cold among humans. The home remedies help in alleviating the discomfort and pain associated with the non productive coughing that almost seems violent.

Make sure that you take special care of your dog when he has kennel cough and do all that you can to avoid the condition from deteriorating and developing into pneumonia.

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