Huang Qi
(Astragalus membranaceous)

Huang Qi, or astragalus, is one of the most recognized and widely applied herbs in Chinese Medicine. It is used commonly today in western herbalism due to it's widely versatile immune-strengthening qualities.  It is commonly used for treating symptoms of emaciation, fatigue, breathlessness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and prolapse of the uterus or anus.

One of the main uses of Huang Qi is in the form of an energy tonic. Some even consider it superior to ginseng. The resistance of the immune system is also raised by the astragalus and the herbal remedy is also recognized for its power to improve the physical endurance of all users.

Astragalus is particularly useful for fortifying your dog's body against viral infections of the respiratory tract and heart.  It is a good option for early treatment of various sorts of respiratory infection, including kennel cough .  

Astragalus works to provoke T-cell activeness and helps to raise the white blood cell count, it also encourages the body’s defense mechanism through its liver-strengthening properties.  

Tests suggest that astragalus may be useful for assisting the body to protect itself and speed recovery from the damaging effects of kidney infection and renal failure.

Huang Qi is traditionally utilized to boost energy levels in debilitated animals and in the treatment of various cancers, particularly those which are complicated by lowered immune functions. 

For dog owners who are experiencing the problems of chemotherapy or radiation treatments for their animals, astragalus may offer a chance in holding on to some functional balance in an immune system that is under attack by both a disease and toxic interference.

Astragalus is also known to have antiviral characters that are specific to infections of the heart.

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