The Ultimate House Training Guide

What Is It?

This convenient house training manual is a comprehensive guidebook to what’s arguably the most far-flung, challenging and baffling problem confronted by all dog-owners:

House training.

Has any facet of dog ownership ever been so completely misunderstood and unanimously feared ?

Theories both unhelpful and merely plain wrong on the subject flood the internet. You can discover a lot of contradictory debates virtually anywhere you decide to look for information on the subject, whether it’s online, at your local library, by contact with dog trainers, or through the  less reputable dog  trainers, that is those with no qualifications but have enough smugness and self confidence to fool the less suspicious of us into forking out our hard-earned money.

What Makes This Book Different ?

After many confusing and increasingly-frustrated hours spent trawling through the virtual minefield of contradictory information on this subject, it was with an intoxicating mixture of joy and relief that I came across an online book entitled “The Ultimate House Training Guide, by Martin Olliver.

As the title indicates, literally all aspects of the subject are embraced, and in a manner both easy to read and educational.

The flavour of the book delivers a welcome contrast to the illogical information so freely available elsewhere on the Net and in most repositories of canine “expertise". It’s friendly, enlightening, and above all, makes complete sense. 

No gimmicky recommendations, poorly-disguised marketing ploys, or too-brief Q&A sessions in this guide. You don’t have to be experienced in dog behavior and training to realize that Martin knows what he’s talking about, (and by the way, he’s also a vet)

What’s Included in the Guide ?

There’s a quick segment on patience, persistence, consistency, and common sense, along with some advice on staying calm throughout the training process, and then it’s directly into the nitty-gritty of the subject, how to house train, with a detailed part (one for pups, one for older dogs) on each of the three processes recommended (paper-training, crate-training, and the direct method.)

Common house training problems are addressed next – and this part is particularly useful. A vast assortment of issues are dealt with, from territorial marking to poop-eating; and each problem is explained by a case study, which helps you to put the information into context.

Next, health-related troubles are handled in some depth. There’s a section on congenital problems, a section on the disease-related problems that can spring up later in life, and a part on other  problems associated with house training, like inappropriate outdoor elimination, or lawn-burn from urination.

Finally, there’s the Top Ten Tips for hassle-free house training, which is basically a review of the most helpful and essential attitude modifications, practical tips, and useful nuggets of general knowledge which will be very helpful in your dog’s training program.

This Guide is Very Detailed but Not Confusing

Sound like a lot to take in ?  It’s really very user-friendly. Not only is this book packed with good practical advice, but the whole information is laid out in a very logical and easy-to-understand format.

The structure is light and non- threatening with no confusing terminology and it continues in an orderly style from step to step, with the help of  how-to illustrations.


I think one of the best parts is a free, personalized email consultation with the team at Kingdom of Pets. If you've got a specific problem that you can't seem to solve and you’d like additional help, just send them off an email and you’ll get  a personalized, professional opinion on how best to handle the problem and any further tips and strategies essential to get your dog's house training under control.


House training a dog is a daunting project for most people, but the author’s depth of knowledge is pretty reassuring; and he surely recognizes how to break it down for even the owners who are complete novices.

 As well as the main sections  detailed above, there are plenty of enticing extras included to make the procedure as easy and efficient as possible along with checklists, do’s and don’ts, how to suitably deal with accidents, and even a list of the more helpful training  products available!

So that's a full recommendation from me for The Ultimate House Training Guide. The information supplied is detailed, easy to soak up, and most importantly, very reliable.

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