Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

Horsetail is a well known herb. It is a perennial herb and grows in moist loamy or sandy soil found in North America and also in similar climates in Europe and Asia.

Horsetail has been widely used in Western and Chinese herbalism for many hundreds of years. It is well known for its favorable effect on urinary tract health, this herb is also an good tissue tonic due to its high silica content.

Silica is crucial in the care of healthy and strong skin, bones, claws and fur in dogs. It is the main factor in all connective body tissues, including the myelin sheaths around nerve cells and the membranes of the brain and spinal cord. It also contains health promoting compounds called sterols.

A horsetail lotion is an excellent remedy for Irritated skin and conditions like eczema, it can also be used to heal all manners of cuts and wounds and It can be applied to relieve sores and ulcers. Horsetail based mouthwash and gargle can also be used for the treatment of problems such as mouth ulcers, it can be used to stanch bleeding gums and in the treatment of sore throats and other oral problems.

Natural dog remedies containing horsetail

Skin and Coat Tonic for Healthy Skin and a Glossy Coat in Pets

Encourages healthy skin and glossy coat while supporting immune system health and maintaining liver, kidney and thyroid functioning.

Gums-n-Teeth to prevent pet gingivitis

Promotes healthy teeth, bones and gums, supports the immune system and acts as a general nutritional supplement.

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