Homeopathic Cancer Treatment for Dogs

Tess Thompson

If cancer was treatable with conventional cancer therapies, it would have ceased to be a dreaded disease. The fact, however, is that cancer is as frightening today as it was when it first became known to medical science.

The irony is that patients are compelled to submit to therapies that we know are not extremely efficient. In addition, conventional cancer therapies for canines are tantamount to poisoning your dog. These conventional therapies are as fear-inducing as the disease itself. To make matters worse, there is no true freedom of choice because alternative therapies are denied approval due to lack of institutional support.

The fact sheet of cancer in dogs is that canine cancer is basically a disease that has been created due to prolonged captivity. Domestic dogs live much longer than they otherwise would if left in the wild. While advancement in medical science has increased the life expectancy of our pets, we have failed miserably to protect them from the abuses of technological advancement.

For years, the conventional approach to dog health has aimed at maintaining dog health temporarily, even if it meant using toxic materials. It was considered fine to give certain conventional drugs for autoimmune disorders in dogs.

These drugs converted to carcinogenic substances after they had been metabolized by the liver, leading to various types of cancer - including liver cancer in dogs.

The best defense against cancer is the immune system. Environmental toxins are beyond individual control, and there is no way that you can limit your dog's exposure to these. Moreover, commercial dog foods contain additives and preservatives to improve shelf life and provide bulk, however both are potential carcinogens.

Homeopathic cancer treatment for dogs is a holistic approach that emphasizes the organic or functional relationship between the symptoms and the animal as a whole.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the immune system and the body's own healing power. The basic motto of homeopathy is that good health can be maintained only by living healthily.

The first defense against the disease is the immune system, since most chronic diseases in dogs and humans, occur due to the absence of immunity. Some amounts of cancer cells are always present in the body and their population is controlled by the immune system. Cancer develops when the multiplication by division process of cells goes haywire because of a weak immune system.

Homeopathic cancer treatment for dogs offers a feasible alternative to conventional medicine, not only for treating specific diseases but also for sprucing up the body's defense mechanism to fight pathogens.

The treatment procedures are long and require careful use, but in the long-term homeopathic remedies provide excellent support to the immune system, which, by inference, is the best preventive measure against any disease.

Article courtesy of PetAlive

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