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Prevention is one of the best home remedies for kennel cough in dogs. Although vaccinating a dog will spare your dog from the suffering caused by the infection, certain home remedies for kennel cough, can offer relief from symptoms while guaranteeing the long term benefit of promoting the immune system as well.

The symptoms of mild kennel cough are likely to disappear on their own inside around two weeks. Although the duration of kennel cough in dogs is limited, it can be exceedingly painful for the dog and frustrating for dog owners.

The dry honking cough may not allow you or your dog to sleep peacefully for 10 to 12 days at a stretch.

Although cough suppressants supply temporary symptomatic respite, they curtail the phlegm from emerging and therefore extend the duration of a self limiting disease. The longer the condition carries on the greater the risk of the disease progressing into pneumonia.

Your dog's body is able to fight most infections on its own. The immune responses of the body speedily come into play and safeguard against infections. All the same, this security is available only when these safeguards are not damaged and the immune system is in perfect condition.

Tips for caring for dogs with kennel cough.

* Add Vitamin C to your dog's diet. If you are already giving Vitamin C, top up the daily dose periodically.

* Herbal remedies like tinctures of Echinacea and Golden Seal can help in encouraging your dog’s immunity or ability to resist infection.

* Humid environment will ease the symptoms to a great extent. You could use a home vaporizer or humidifier to offer relief from the symptoms.

* Scale down the degree of exercise for as long as the symptoms persist.

* Use only a mild pediatric cough suppressant if the cough gets too severe. Otherwise, give some honey to soothe the irritating throat.

* Reduce exposure to smoke, particularly cigarette smoke and dust. Try to keep the dog indoors as much as possible.

* Bryonia and drosera are really effective homeopathic remedies for treating kennel cough as well as for increasing immunity.

Kennel cough in dogs is a bacterial and/or viral infection like chest and sinus infection in humans. Unless it progresses into a severe case, treatment is generally not recommended.

In cases of severe bacterial infection, the preferable treatment is antibiotic therapy, although it is well recognised that repeated antibiotic treatment can render the drug useless as bacteria become immune to it.

Home remedies for kennel cough, on the other hand, are based on herbs and natural substances that reinforce the dog's inbuilt ability, his immune system, to fight infection.

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