Fashion Dogs

The Rise of the Fashion Dogs

People all over the world have owned dogs regarded as mixed breeds for years but now crossbreeding has taken a more menacing turn with the rise of the fashion dogs

 Unscrupulous breeding patterns have resulted in a new generation of dog that has highly valued traits and temperament. A lot of today’s most popular celebrities are showing off their tiny dogs with pride. Many of the world’s best known socialites are seldom seen without their tiny dogs.

But What's So Popular About Fashion Dogs

 People who own dogs of mixed breeds say their dogs have better personalities. Theoretically a widening of the gene pool could in fact improve the temperament of some dogs. Lovers of the fashion dogs claim you cannot be sure of thoroughbred dogs either.

 Purebreds are a result of some form of selective breeding but these fashion breeds are not and a purebred is from a more trusted origin. People have been domesticating dogs for thousands of years by blending different traits.

 The term purebred is used with relation to dogs that have conformed to certain criteria and standards through an established track record. There are a minimum amount of generations that must succumb to a series of checks for a new variety to become a recognized breed.

 Not everyone is as enthusiastic about these new hybrid dogs. The varieties of genetic failings that could be introduced into the gene pool are countless. This is quite a chilling thought in terms of the future of our dogs. It is possible that 50 years from now there could be no evident traces of any of the dog breeds we once recognized.

 It’s about a good deal more than conservation of purity. If some of the newer mixes are evidence of some sort of assisted evolution of dogs what are we genuinely stating by breeding dogs the size of handbags?

 In some kind of cyclical procedure fashion dogs are becoming as popular as they were in the late 19th Century. It was believed to be normal for any respectable woman to have a tiny pooch in her bag.

 Now, it's possible to have a dog the size of a large mouse. Many celebrities can be found fussing over their tiny dogs which only serves to encourage the idea that these dogs are the latest must have thing.

 These dogs are very cute but as with all dogs they’re a long term commitment so it doesn’t do the dog any good for it to grow up cosseted and then be abandoned or given away to a dog's home.

Fashion Dogs and Health Problems

Miniature dogs can develop all sorts of nasty health complications. If they live long enough they can look forward to an extensive range of health problems, many of which are painful and can be very expensive to treat.

 It’s widely recognized amongst experts that breeding the newer tiny varieties is irresponsible. You can be virtually assured of a sickly dog. Epileptic seizures, pregnancy problems, oral and dental problems and back problems are just a few of the conditions that these tiny dogs are more likely to experience.

 No reputable breeder would breed their dogs down to a particular size that would be unhealthy; the breeding patterns involved are widely regarded as being dangerous.

 What’s wrong with purebred dogs, surely there's enough variations to choose from already?

 Get a Maltese if you want Maltese characteristics,  get a Yorkshire Terrier if you want a dog that is full of energy. If you're extremely allergic to dogs, the chances are you will suffer irrespective of how carefully your dog was bred.

 There is considerable fluctuation in the predictability of purebred dogs, as with any sort of selective breeding, but purebred dogs do have a better chance of becoming well-balanced, healthy dogs later on in life because they have an established track record.

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