Ear Cropping for Boxer Dogs 

By Tess Thompson

The decision about ear cropping is a matter of preference. Some pet owners believe that a boxer looks much better with cropped ears and therefore opt for surgical alteration. They also cite that cropped ears are more hygienic and practical. Many who are sensitive to animal suffering explicitly voice their dissent claiming that ear cropping procedure is unnecessary and cruel. Others feel that the floppy ears give a softer look to their pet.   

Advantages of Ear Cropping

Those who prefer, ear cropping of their boxer pets allow easy cleaning of the ear and aim to prevent dog ear mites. Dogs that have drooping ears that cover the ear canal create a favorable environment for ear mites to breed. 

This process begins when wax production in the ears increases beyond normal levels. Soon excess dust and debris accumulates in the horizontal and vertical canals of the inner ear. If the dog has a long ear flap, like a boxer with floppy ears, dry air cannot circulate through the ear, and moisture remains trapped. If proper care is not taken, under these conditions it is likely that ear mites will develop, especially when combined with humid climates.

It is said that boxers have a higher pain tolerance than other dog breeds. The temporary discomfort that is caused during the process of ear cropping lasts only for a few hours of surgery. Additionally, the ears are sensitive for a few days after surgery and care should be taken to avoid touching them.

As with any surgery, the element of risk associated with giving anesthesia exists for ear cropping surgery also.

If you are not in favor of cropping your boxer's ears, make sure that you regularly and carefully clean your pet's ears.

Prevention of dog ear mites requires that you implement good hygiene to ensure that the ear is cleaned thoroughly and properly.

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