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Caring for your dogs teeth is an important health issue that's neglected by many dog owners. 

Dog's teeth deteriorate with age, so it's necessary to begin dental health care for dogs at an early age. Get your dog used to having his mouth and teeth touched when he is a pup. This way it will be easier to start brushing your dogs teeth while he's young and dog dental care will be easier for him to accept as he grows into an adult dog.

Special dog tooth brushes and toothpaste can be bought from a good dog supply store. Don't use human toothpaste, this can be harmful to your pet, and the special dog toothpaste is quite tasty to your dog, so he'll soon get used to it and cleaning his teeth won't become a battle but something he'll look forward to. His breath will smell sweeter as well.

Rawhide chews can help with dog dental care. These are specially formulated to help prevent calculus and build up on your dogs teeth.


Letting a Vet Clean Your Dog's Teeth

From time to time you will need to have your dogs teeth properly cleaned by a veterinarian. This is important because if your dog develops dental disease, bacteria can pass into the blood stream causing serious health problems such as kidney and heart valve infections.

A dental cleaning performed by your veterinarian is much like a human dental cleaning, however your dog will need to be sedated. The anesthesia is light and with today's technology is extremely safe.

Many veterinarians have anesthesia monitoring systems just like those used in human medicine. A thorough exam will be performed to determine if any teeth need to be pulled or repaired. Some veterinarians will do x-rays of the teeth to find any cracks or diseased teeth. After this, a trained member of the veterinary staff will perform a dental cleaning.

First, they will scale the teeth to remove the tartar above and below the gum line. This will be done with both hand instruments and ultrasonic scaling equipment. After this, the teeth will be polished, which will make them smooth and help prevent plaque from adhering to them.

Most veterinarians will also do a fluoride treatment. This is to help strengthen the enamel and prevent plaque from forming. If any of your dog's teeth are diseased or broken, your veterinarian may pull them.

Some veterinarians who specialize in dental care will perform root canals and other intensive dental work. Most veterinarians will put your dog on a treatment of antibiotics to help prevent bacterial infection.

So as you can see , it's very important to look after your dogs teeth. Dog dental care can be performed at home to keep your pet happy and healthy but regular check ups at the vets are recommended for professional advice and treatment if needed.

Gumz-n-Teeth is a 100% safe and natural combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients in an internal formula for preventing gingivitis (gum disease) and tooth decay as well as improving general dental health in pets.

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