Dog Wounds

Dogs, especially the more physical ones, can frequently suffer from a number of cuts, scrapes, bites and abrasions, and when they do it is up to owners to decide how severe the dog wounds are and whether or not medical care is necessary.

Often, minor cuts and scratches can be treated at home, while deeper more penetrating dog wounds may call for a visit to the vet.

So when does your dog's wound require medical treatment? Normally, you should always seek advice from your pet's veterinarian if you have any doubt about the severity of your dog's injury. 

Dog Wounds: When to See the Vet

As an approximate guide, your dog needs to see the vet if:

They are showing signs of shock
They are bleeding excessively, or if the bleeding will not stop
The wound is deep enough to require stitches
There is a deep puncture wound, especially if in the chest or abdominal regions
There is foreign material in the wound
The wound is the result of being hit by a car or attacked by a larger animal
The wound does not seem to be healing after a few days or shows any sign of bacterial infection.

Most surface dog wounds and scratches can be cared for at home and should heal reasonably quickly provided your dog has a strong immune system, however all animal bites ought to be handled by your vet as the risk of infection is very high.

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