Dog Urine and Your Lawn

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Dog urine can become a huge headache if your dog develops uti. Canine urinary infections can result in frequent urination in addition to incontinence in pets.

UTI in puppies as well as adult dogs is plainly a health worry, and causes concern for those who take pride in their lawns. Many lawns have been ruined by dog urine. Some people believe the myth that male dog urine is less acidic than female urine and therefore causes less damage to their lawn, but in reality, both are the same and have similar nitrogen content.

How Dog Urine Damages Your Lawn

It is actually the way in which male dogs urinate that makes the difference. Female dogs will squat on the lawn while urinating, but males urinate vertically to mark their territory. This means that male urine dribbles down something rather than dropping onto the lawn instantly. As both male and female puppies squat to urinate, they both cause equal harm to the grass.

The main cause of damage to the grass is the nitrogen content in dog urine and dog feces. Carnivores have a substantial requirement of protein in their diet. The volume of urine obviously relates to the size of the dog, but the normal metabolic process breaks down the protein and surplus nitrogen is dispatched from the system.

Urine causes a bigger problem than feces, as the latter can usually be removed frequently before damage is done. Although dog urine can act as a liquid fertilizer to the lawn, being applied in concentrated form at a specific point contributes to grass damage.  

Dog urine can cause different results on the assorted types of grasses. It doesn't cause as much damage to some but the pH content has a constant effect on all sorts of grasses. 

There are a lot of products in the market that can neutralize acidity in dog urine, but if you have to make frequent changes in the pH level by changing the dog's diet, this can cause other medical problems. These problems can lead to more serious issues that become more complicated than treating the lawn.

One way to save your lawn would be to set aside an area where the dog can urinate. This could be a patch of gravel path that you can train your dog to use. Take the dog to the intended area on a leash and praise him for having urinated at the new place. After about a week of training your dog should have got the message that this is his or her toilet area.

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