How to Start a Dog Sitting Business

The Dog Sitting business is flourishing all over the world. There are around 50 million people who own at least one dog in the U.S.A. alone and this shows why this business is so popular that it is fast becoming one of the best small businesses that an individual can take on.

It has been noted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor as a small business industry that will prosper into the future.

Pet owners world wide are taking advantage of dog sitting businesses, so they can leave their pets when they need to travel, knowing their pet is in safe hands.

Alternative solutions used to be limited for a traveling dog owner. Some people had to give up their pet if they had to be away from home for some time, unless a friendly relative or neighbour would help out. 

Then the Dog Sitting Business arrived into the small business industry.

Genuine animal lovers were the first to realize the need for the Dog Sitting business. These were the people who realised the anxiety it caused when they were separated from their pet and how they behaved after being picked up from a kennel after a few days or more away from home.

The rapid development and success of a dog sitting business only comes when the business owner takes the venture seriously. A love for animals is a necessity, but good business sense is what will keep your business running.

Costs of Setting up a Dog Sitting Business

The costs are minimal when setting up this sort of business, but as with any venture planning is essential.  A budget should be set to meet the costs of the outgoing business.

It's better to over estimate these costs rather than to find yourself under funded. Set goals for the next months and years and try to stick to your business plan to achieve these goals.

Research other dog sitting services in your locality. Determine what their strengths and weaknesses are. Learn what they are charging for dog sitting is in your area. Always try to be competitive in your rates.
Just because you may be doing what you love is no reason to do it too cheaply or your business will not survive.

You have to know how to relate to people. The main reason you decide to start a dog sitting business may be because you're an animal lover, but if you are not warm and friendly with people you won't last very long.

Pet owners are fussy about who they let care for their pets, especially in their own home, so you must come across as honest and confident.

You should go out to the home and get to know each dog and draw up a list of duties that the pet owner is wanting you to perform while they are away. The pet owner will familiarize you as to the habits, character and personality of each pet. You should know what they like to play with and any special diets. 

Ask the pet owner for any medical issues, or signs you should watch out for in case of illness. Some dogs may be relaxed and sleep all day, while others may not settle and be very active. You should know what to expect from each pet in the home.

You should make sure that the client gives you all the information on the dogs in the home. You will need history of illnesses, vaccination records, veterinary information, as well as a place to contact the
pet owner if needed.

Volunteer to do other services for the owner while they are away. Apart from attending to the dogs, a client sometimes will want a Dog Sitting Service to do other things. The Dog Sitting business can offer many services for the traveller, apart from pet care.

For example, home security, pick up any mail, newspapers, water the plants, cut the lawn, keep an eye on the house in general. If you just open and close the curtains at morning and night it will give the home a lived in look. These services are in addition to dog sitting, but will usually be welcomed by the owner. The possibilities are endless as to what a dog sitting service can offer the client.

The Dog Sitting Business is thriving. The small business owner gets to do what he loves for a living, .. looking after animals, while the pet owner can enjoy their trip knowing that their dog is happy and well cared for while they are away.

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