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The five dog senses are the same as those of us humans, smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste, but differ quite substantially in the way they are used and the intensity of each sense.

The dog's sense of hearing is one of the much more highly-developed dog senses. It has been shown that they can hear up to a distance four times greater than we can. They can also move their ears independently enabling them to pick up sounds that we would never hear.

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A dog's sense of sight is considerably better than ours at night. They have an extra reflective layer that enables them to see in low light, but although dogs aren't restricted to seeing in black and white, we can see a wider spectrum of colors than our canine friends.

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A dog's sense of taste is linked to his sense of smell as it is with us humans. We tend to use our sense of sight and smell to determine if something is good to eat but to a dog the smellier it is, the better. We probably would not eat something that did not look appealing but a dog does not worry about how something looks, it's a case of eat now worry later.

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A dog's sense of smell is one of the dog senses that is more sophisticated than ours. Many dogs are employed to search out drugs, or to find and rescue people, one of the main reasons for their ability to do this is the fact that dogs have been found to have around 2 billion receptors in their nose while we have about 40 million - no comparison.

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The dog's sense of touch is very similar to ours. We all love a good cuddle now and again. Dogs and humans can feel touch through their entire body and a dog loves nothing more than a good bonding session involving a stroke and a cuddle which leaves dog and owner feeling fulfilled.

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