Clipping Your Dog Nails

Clipping your dog nails is not as difficult as you think. With a little practice, the right equipment and plenty of confidence, You'll save yourself a fortune in vet fees and have a happy dog.

Clipping your dog nails is a technique that can be easily acquired by any dog owner. If you cut your dog nails regularly - about twice a month, this will become less of a chore for both you and your dog.

Let your dog get used to you handling his paws so when it's time for clipping your dog nails, he'll be less likely to pull his feet away and make it into a difficult task.

Cutting a small dog nails shouldn't present much of a problem but a larger dog can be more obstinate at first and you may need someone to hold him while you do the trimming. A muzzle may be necessary for a more belligerent dog.

Use the correct dog nail clippers for the size of your breed and always make sure the cutting edges are sharp. Trimming dog nails is not painful for your dog if you use the right equipment and take a little care.

If you dog nails are particularly long, don't clip too much off at first or you will cut into the quick. The quick will bleed and you will have to apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding. Don't become nervous. Give your dog a treat and he'll soon forget about the accident.

So a little often is the best way and the quick will recede as the dog nails are shortened, making it easier for trimming the next time.

Make trimming your dog nails part of your regular dog grooming routine and use this time to examine your dog's paws for any injuries or foreign bodies and you'll have a healthier happy pet.

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