Dog Itching Skin Diseases

Is your dog itching? One of the best ways to see if your dog is healthy or not is to examine the skin. Symptoms like itching are common in most skin diseases.

Here are some dog itching diseases to look out for.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

One of the most common and is frequently referred to as canine atopy. This is an allergic reaction that can be caused when your dog comes into contact with detergents, paint, pollen or anything else he may be allergic to. Red itchy lumps that become inflamed and rashes can appear anywhere on the dog's body.

Flea Allergy

If your dog has been infected by fleas he may still continue to have bouts of itching even after the fleas have been treated. Red lumps can normally be seen around the back of the hind legs and on the inner thighs.

Bacterial infections

One of the most common bacteria that could cause your dog itching is staphylococci. With this type of bacterial infection small yellow blisters come out on the skin. These blisters redden and become ulcerated causing extreme discomfort and loss of hair to your dog.

Fungal Infections

Usually known as ringworm, these infections normally appear in round patches and cause hair loss around the infected areas. Fungi live in dead tissue like hair and nails. The center of affected areas appears dry and crusty and causes itching. Ringworm affects mostly the head and legs of young dogs but if it is left untreated, it can spread throughout the body.


Scabies are a very small mite that burrows into the skin and results in extreme itching. Small red spots resembling insect bites are a sign that your dog could be infected.

Ther are many external parasites and flies that can cause dog itching. It's important to groom your dog regularly and keep a look out for anything unusual occurring in the dog's coat or on his skin. Watch out for flies, ticks and fleas. If your dog has a particularly long coat beetles, grubs and maggots can easily attatch themselves especially if the dog is not brushed regularly.

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