The Importance of Dog Grooming Care

Cutting Dog Nails

Dog grooming care is a significant part of caring for your dog. Dogs don't sit and groom themselves. In fact most dogs couldn't care less about their appearance. Unfortunately for them, Your house doesn't smell very good to visitors if your dog's been rolling around in goodness knows what.

So until our dogs can do it themselves, dog grooming is something we'll have to be responsible for to keep their coats looking healthy and shiny.

Pet salons supply a full array of dog grooming care services and numerous people opt to avail themselves of their services. Prices are generally reasonable and all the mess and bother are left to the professionals.

Nevertheless, for a variety of reasons not everyone elects to go this route; some don't bother with dog grooming care at all and others just do it themselves at home.

To varying degrees, dog grooming care is an essential part of owning a dog. Long-haired dogs should be brushed and combed two or three times a week. Dogs with bulky undercoats should have the dead hair combed out every week.

This will speed up the shedding process and prevent hairy carpets and furniture. Dogs with shorter hair should still be brushed and rubbed down often to keep their coats and skin smart and healthy.

Just like any plan, proper dog grooming requires both technique and tools of the trade. A fine-toothed comb should be used to collect fleas from the coat and for grooming soft, silky coated dogs. The shedding comb has a "skip-tooth" design; its extended teeth pull dead hair from the undercoat while the short teeth collect loose hair. It's also an excellent utensil for removing matted hair.

The undercoat rake is especially designed for breeds with thick, dense coats and undercoats. The teeth are thick, allowing the rake to engage the undercoat while being pulled gently through the dog's hair.

Although bathing is an essential component in keeping your dog's coat fresh and presentable, it should not be overdone. Most veterinarians recommend bathing a dog no more than once a month. Over bathing can dry a dog's skin and lead to itching, and infection.

If a dog is to be bathed more than once a month, an aloe based shampoo and conditioners should be used and foods and supplements with Omega fatty acids should be given to support the production of coat oils.

Daily examinations, even though admittedly a little too trying and time consuming for the normal pet owner, are a valuable instrument in maintaining a dog's appearance and good condition. During your dog grooming care routine you should examine for cuts, rashes, fleas, ticks, and other hitchhikers that might attach to the coat.

These should be removed and antibiotics or appropriate medications applied as required. Flea allergies and contact allergies can cause skin eruptions and should be treated instantly.

It should be remembered that good skin and a healthy coat begin with a good diet. A little amount of "people food" goes a long way for a dog. generally, a good grade dry dog food will provide all of the nutrition and essential dietary elements necessary to keep a dog in good health.

If a dog's coat is dull or its skin appears itchy, sometimes a change in diet is necessary. Nevertheless, most often vitamin or fatty acid supplements will eliminate the problem.

As mentioned before, pet salons and dog grooming care services are freely available for anyone who finds it too difficult to groom their own pet. Prices are very reasonable and some services will visit the dog owner's home to groom the dog in a van on the drive.

Dog's nails need to be kept cut short and ears cleaned, another service that the professionals will carry out along with bathing and dog grooming.

Remember a good dog grooming care routine is essential for a healthy dog and is the least you can do in return for the love and affection the dog will freely give to you throughout his life.

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