Dog Flu

Dog flu is a viral infection caused by different forms of the influenza virus and recognised also to cause equine flu. The most common of these viruses is the equine influenza virus H3N8. In fact, the first case of dog flu happened in the horserace tracks of Florida, where greyhounds were also raced and consequently exposed to the virus.

Although the canine influenza virus had been tested positive in dogs before, it was only in 2004 that it was found that the virus could also cause influenza in dogs. The virus attacks the canine respiratory system and causes this extremely communicable disease that can circulate from one dog to another.

Dog flu can be transmitted even by dogs that do not display any obvious signs of the disease. Transmission rates are extremely high because dogs do not have a natural resistance towards the disease, since the exposure to this disease has been very low.

Transmitting of the infection happens chiefly in kennels, dog parks and day care centers, from a contaminated dog to a healthy dog. Respiratory problems including a discharge from the infected dog's nose, are primary symptoms. The virus is communicated by these secretions.

The dog respiratory system is prone to contract assorted diseases.

Symptoms of Dog Flu

Symptoms of dog flu incline to mimic the symptoms of other respiratory conditions such as kennel cough and canine colds. In spite of being self- limiting in nature, dog respiratory problems should not be disregarded because the chance of progression always exists. One of the conditions that canine flu can possibly progress to is pneumonia, which can be fatal if not treated early.

There are certain tests for validating infection by the canine influenza virus. These tests do not help much, since the course of treatment does not alter at all even when dog flu is confirmed.

There is no recognised drug that can reduce the duration of the infection, and dogs normally recover fully inside a few weeks without medication. Medication, if any, is prescribed only to guard against the danger of a secondary infection and to provide symptomatic relief.

Although feline upper respiratory infections are quite common, the dog flu virus is not known to infect cats. Equine flu virus has been around for almost forty years now, and the canine influenza virus is related to it. There is no certificated history of the virus affecting humans nor is it anticipated in the near future. It is also different from avian influenza or bird flu that is acknowledged to be fatal for birds and humans.

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