Remedies for Dog Dry Skin

The general health of your dog can be assessed by examining his skin and coat. Dog dry skin takes the shine off an otherwise glossy, healthy looking coat and can lead to excessive scratching.

There may be an underlying reason for the dry skin such as an allergy, flea infestation or immune system problem, in which case a visit to the vet would be advisable to get a proper diagnosis.

Other conditions like dandruff, flaky skin or canine acne can be treated by natural supplements or diet changes.

Your dog's skin and coat need particular care during the winter months. Don't bath him too often, this can dry out his skin. Only use shampoos that are speicially formulated for dogs or there could be an allergic reaction. When you do bath him, use a moisturizer afterwards to shine and protect his coat and skin.

Frequent brushing will keep his coat free of dead hair and dander and will allow his skin to breathe.

Inexpensive dog food rarely contains the fatty acids and nutrients needed to give your dog a healthy coat and bad diets are often one of the main causes of dog dry skin. Your vet will be happy to advise you of the best diet for your breed of dog.

Dog dry skin problems are nearly always related to poor nutrition or allergic reactions whether it's to do with fleas or environmental issues. If not treated dog dry skin will cause excessive hair loss and can give an unattractive appearance to an unhappy dog.

If your dog is basically healthy, whatever his breed, it will show in his outward appearance and he will have a lush, shiny looking coat that both you and he can feel proud of.

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