Herbal Remedies to Treat Your Dog Digestion Problems

Dog digestion problems are a common cause for concern in dog owners. Dogs can suffer effects from some commercial or badly cooked foods, pollution, additives and stress.
Some ailments caused by dog digestion problems include; vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea and consipation. In more serious cases, some dog stomach problems can lead to organ failure and cancer.

Good dog care and prevention will reduce the risk of dog urinary infection to a larger extent, but if you detect blood in the dog’s urine, struggling to urinate or a bad smell in the urine, make an appointment with the veterinarian.

How Your Dog's Digestion System Works

It usually takes about 7 to 10 hours for a dog to fully digest a meal. While digestion is taking place, organs change the food into nutrients that the cells in the dog's body can absorb and use.

Food moves from the esophageus into the dog's stomach where it is turned into a thick liquid and proteins are broken down by enzymes. The pancreas helps with the digestion
of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, while sodium bicarbonate neutralizes stomach acid. The bile duct from the liver breaks up fat and helps absorb vitamins.

On to the small intestine where most of the nutrients are absorbed to be distributed throughout the body. The large intestine then moves the waste material to the
anus and here it is expelled out of the dog's body.

Misleading advertisements and false claims from some commercial dog food suppliers make it difficult for us to choose the best diets for our dogs.

As dog owners we can provide our animals with herbal supplements which provide safe benefits that don't cause nasty side effects that some prescription medicines do.

Herbs for dogs have a long history of promoting digestive health. Much of this has been been confirmed in clinical trials.

Holistic vets realize that the whole dog should be considered to maximize health and reduce imbalance in the system caused by an assortment of environmental and dietary problems.

Symptoms of Dog Digestion Problems

Watery diarrhoea but with no blood or mucus - Small intestine could be inflamed.

Regurgitation of food befor it reaches stomach -  Inflammation or obstruction of the megaesophageus

Vomiting is the most obvious sign of stomach inflammation.

There are many causes of dog digestive disorders. Sudden changes in diet, overeating, eating garbage, or food allergies, infections, bowel disease, cancer, ingestion of foreign bodies, kidney, liver and pancreatic diseases, and parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites.

Severe stomach irritations can cause vomiting while others may prevent or delay digestion causing constipation. Some can rush the process resulting in loose stools,

Although digestive problems in dogs are quite common, most resolve themselves quickly but persistent problems should be referred to a vet.

The Natural Approach to Dog Digestion Problems

Digestive Support. A Herbal Remedy for Dog Digestion Problems

Digestive Support is a 100% herbal remedy that is specially formulated to support digestive health in dogs.

Digestive Support is an excellent digestive system tonic and contains three carefully chosen herbs, licorice, slippery elm and marshmallow, in therapeutic dosage to soothe and support the stomach lining, esophagus, and entire digestive tract.

A combination of natural medicine, healthy diet, and regular exercise will help your dog to maintain a healthy digestive system and prevent many dog digestion problems.

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