Dog Diabetes Prevention

There are three main ways of dog diabetes prevention. To help your dog live a long and healthy life, this is a disease that he needs to avoid.

Reduce Carbohydrates Intake

Many commercial dog foods contain very high percentages of carbohydrates. If you can feed your pet a more natural diet with a lower carbohydrate level you will go a long way to dog diabetes prevention. Certain breeds are more likely to develop diabetes than others so do your homework and find the correct diet for your dog.

Natural Dog Diabetes Prevention

Natural herbs to encourage and protect the immune system are an excellent way of keeping your dog healthy. This is an important and safe way of protecting your dog especially if it is one of the breeds that are more likely to be at risk from dog diabetes.

It's not a good idea to over-vaccinate your dog. Toxins can build up and damage can occur to the immune system. Insecticides in some flea and tick medications can also cause toxins to build up and trigger diabetes. If you protect your dog's immune system he will be more able to fight off diseases and stay healthy.


Many dogs receive very little exercise from their owners and as a consequence thousands of pets develop dog diabetes. Exercise is the best dog diabetes prevention method. The responsibility lies with the owner of the dog.

Over weight dogs develop diabetes and their quality of life suffers. Two or three half hour energetic walks a day will keep your dog active, happy and much less likely to suffer with diabetes.

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