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Natural Dog Remedies

At we promote and believe in natural dog remedies for prevention and treatment of canine diseases. While it has its place, conventional medicine for dogs has failed our pets in many ways. Over-vaccination, over use of antibiotics and commercial pet foods leading to immune system problems are some of the major causes in the rising instances of chronic illness in dogs today.

Just like us, dogs are affected by the health hazards of today's modern living. Pollution, bad diet, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses that are very similar to those we experience as humans.

Emotional and psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems are just as common in dogs as they are in their owners. Physical diseases like diabetes, skin disorders, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, kidney and liver disease, arthritis, digestive disorders, UTI, and other problems are becoming more common in domesticated animals.

There is another option. By choosing natural and herbal remedies for your dog, you can be sure you are taking a gentle approach to your dog's problems and keeping him or her away from strong medications that can cause major side effects in the long term. Many strong antibiotics and painkillers can lead to health imbalances and chronic diseases.

Sometimes changing to a natural diet, rather than commercial dog food, will see a vast improvement in your dog's health.

Anal gland blockage can be a perfect example of this. If your dog is constantly dragging his bottom on the ground, or scooting as it is known, it is probably a sign of impacted anal glands. These are the glands or small sacs on either side of the anus that are naturally secreted when your dog eliminates. when they become blocked they irritate your dog and abcesses can form if they are not treated.

AnalGlandz is a natural remedy that can treat this condition and changing to a more natural diet should eliminate the problem completely.

Natural dog remedies are very effective in almost all cases of common dog ailments, they have no unpleasant or dangerous side effects, but still achieve successful results.

Try to get into the habit of examining your dog regularly to prevent any unusual conditions from developing and becoming more difficult to treat.

Visit, by Native Remedies, for 100% Natural and Safe Herbal Remedies for Pets

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