Dog Cancer and Natural Remedies

Diagnosing Cancer in Dogs

We recognize that dog cancer is a fatal disease, and a permanent remedy is not possible, particularly in the instance of cancer that spreads to other parts of the body. In this case, it becomes a more complicated problem. There is the primary organ, where the cancer originated and those it has affected after metastasis.

Most of the cancers that metastasize finally result in secondary liver cancer in dogs. The liver is one of the most important organs in the dog's body. It filters waste from the body, and it is one of those organs whose proper performance is crucial for life.

Benign tumors are less of a worry and are easily removable, but some can press on neighboring organs or lead to excessive bleeding.

Managing Dog Cancer Naturally

Many people are realising that holistic treatment is a good way of managing dog cancer. The three most significant facets of a holistic approach are nutritional and supplementary support, herbal remedies and elimination of likely causes of dog cancer.

Diet is the most crucial ingredient of health and healing of your dog. Rather than commercial foods that might contain carcinogenic preservatives, it is more beneficial to search those that are prepared without integrating inorganic substances like pesticides, herbicides, or hormones.

Home-cooked organic food, however, is the best alternative. You may also think about supplemental support to the dog's diet by adding therapeutic doses of antioxidants. This will go a long way to improving the overall health of your dog.

A healthy dog's immune system is more capable of fighting disease and managing symptoms connected with cancer. Eradicating possible causes of dog cancer calls for proper and complete examination of your dog's environment.

You may have to restrict your dog's contact with air borne pollutants, herbicides and pesticides, and toxic household chemicals. Avoid plastic and change to metal or ceramic food bowls. Give filtered water to your dog whenever possible.

Herbs provide excellent organ and immune system support. There are herbs that are intended to improve particular organ functioning and general herbs that aid the body in self-healing.  

Homeopathic remedies are developed from herbs as well as many other natural substances. 

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