How to Treat Dog Burns

Household accidents are the most common cause of dog burns. There are three main types of burns and should be cared for accordingly.

Thermal Dog Burns

Superficial dog burns should be treated by immersing the area in cold water or applying an ice pack. Pat dry gently. The removal of hair close to the burn will greatly reduce the risk of infection. Do not put on any oil based creams and cover the area with a non stick dressing. If the wound gets infected take your dog to the vet.

Severe burns to your dog demand the immediate attention of your vet. Cover the wound gently with a clean dressing but don't apply any water or creams. Keep your dog warm and keep a close watch on him for going into shock.

Chemical Dog Burns

There are two types of chemicals that can cause dog burns, these are acids and alkalis. You may notice a strange smell, this can be the first sign that the dog has received a chemical burn.

You should treat acid burns with an alkaline solution consisting of baking soda dissolved in water.

Alkali burns should be washed with a solution of vinegar and water.

If the cause of the chemical burn is unknown, wash the affected area with water. If you do know what has caused the burn, there may be information on the container giving you the name of an antidote. Visit your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Electrical Dog Burns

Dogs are inquisitive animals and will chew through a live electrical cord without a second thought. In this case the dog will receive an electrical shock but the actual burns will be seen around the mouth and on the tongue.

The burns can be treated but the effects of the shock can be fatal. The dog may go into cardiac arrest, and damage to the brain and nervous system may occur. If there is no pulse or breathing has stopped you will have to perform CPR on your dog, but make sure that the electrical cord is unplugged first. You must get your dog to the vet immediately or it is likely the shock will be fatal.