Dog Anal Glands Disease

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Blocked dog anal glands can lead to abscesses and disease

In modern-day dogs, anal glands can often cause health problems. Sometimes the anal gland secretions are not released naturally and build up - leading to thickening of the secretion, clogging of the duct and sometimes even disease, infection and abscesses.

You may have seen your pet with his tail up, dragging his behind across the floor. This is an attempt to relieve the pressure and discomfort of impacted anal glands and is called scooting.

Scooting can cause damage to the anus and indicates that your pet is having trouble with his anal glands and needs some type of intervention.

The dog anal glands are found just below and either side of the anus. Dog's use the anal glands for marking their territory and leaving their unique smell.

Normally, when a dog defecates, the pressure on the anal glands is enough to empty the sacs. A high fiber diet that produces a firm stool will help empty the dog anal glands naturally.

Cleaning Dog Anal Glands

Dog anal glands should be regularly checked and expressed when necessary in order to empty the build up of secretions in the glands. This can be done by your vet, groomer or even by you. Performing this is not difficult especially once you have been shown the technique.

This task is best performed with your dog in an empty bath and someone holding the dog.

Cover the bottom of the bath with old towels or a plastic sheet. Hold the tail up and clear of the dog's anus. Hold a warm damp cloth against the dog's anal opening to soften the anal glands.

You will find it helpful to dd 5 - 10 drops of analglandz to 1/4 cup of warm water. Try to make this as warm as your pet will tolerate, without being uncomfortably hot. Apply gentle pressure as a hot compress.

Wearing a latex glove slowly insert your index finger just into the opening of the dog's anus. The anal glands can be found at 5 and 7 o'clock at either side and just inside the opening.

While gripping each anal gland in turn, gently squeeze using the thumb and index finger of the same hand. This should empty the anal glands. There will be a very strong odor as the secretions are emitted and you should be able to feel the anal glands shrinking under your fingers.

Wash the surrounding area of the dog's backside with your preffered shampoo to clean up the mess.

If you are not happy carrying out this task yourself, the dog seems to be in a lot of pain or if the secretions that come out of the dog anal glands are green or black or contain blood, contact your vet as this could be a sign of infection.

Anal Gland Health

To prevent your dog from having loose stools, give your dog a healthier diet. Introduce more fibre to his food. This will help the anal sacs to empty more naturally, while giving your dog plenty of exercise will help with your dog's general well being and strengthen the rectal and abdominal muscles.

A Natural Remedy for Dog Anal Glands Problems

Petalive produce a natural remedy called AnalGlandz.

PetAlive Analglandz contains a blend of natural, cleansing ingredients in an herbal tincture and will effectively cleanse the anal area, reduce pain and swelling and assist in softening of hardened material to be expressed from the glands.

What does AnalGlandz do?

* Encourages natural emptying of the anal glands.

* Acts as an aid to manual extraction of impacted or congested anal glands.

* Cleanses the anal area and prevent infection and abscesses.

* Brings pain relief and reduction of inflammation.

* Is a disinfectant solution to prevent bacterial growth.

Ingredients of AnalGlandz

Urtica urens for natural cleansing, pain relief

Taraxacum officinale an antibacterial agent to prevent infection.

Matricaria recutita an anti-inflammatory and soothing herb.

Achillea millefolium prevents infection and abscesses.

Silica (6C) encourages natural emptying of the anal sacs.

AnalGlandz is highly recommended along with the following natural remedies for maximum support.

* DetoxPlus is used to support the body's natural ability to eliminate waste & toxins, and promote systemic health

* Flatulence Preventer is used to support digestive health and reduce common gas and unpleasant smells

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