Dog Allergies and How to Cope With Them

Dog allergies affect millions of people each year. An allergy to pet dander is one of the most common types. They can cause you to feel very uncomfortable.

Symptoms include watery eyes, dry mouth, and itchy skin.

More severe symptoms include hives, asthma attacks, and difficulty breathing. Ironically, a person can have a dog for a length of time without any symptoms. Then all at once, they start. It never crosses their mind that the dog is the allergen.

If you want to keep your dog, but reduce the effects dog allergies have on you, a HEPA filter might be helpful.

It removes particles from the air. This will restrict the amount of dander around your home. Vacuum your carpet daily and your curtains monthly. This will reduce the dander in your home as well.

Some people feel bathing their dog daily will fight dog allergies. This is not accurate. In fact, the more you bathe your dog, the more dander will appear.

You should only wash your dog about once a month.

If these things don't reduce your symptoms enough to make you comfortable, consult your doctor about allergy shots or medications.

If you already suffer from allergies, but hope to get a dog, consider a breed that sheds their skin slowly, these include poodles and schnauzers.

The breeds that shed their skin the fastest and should be avoided include cocker spaniels and basset hounds. You might also consider getting an outdoor dog. This will reduce the symptoms you feel while in your home.

If you have to give your dog to a good home because your dog allergies are out of control, thoroughly vacuum and shampoo carpets. Wash your curtains and walls.

Remove any toys and bedding the dog had contact with. Your allergy symptoms may continue for up to 3 months after this has all been done.

Dog allergies can be a nuisance, but they can be controlled by following these simple tips to make your home more agreeable with your allergies.

Feeding your dog quality dog food can also go a long way to reduce dander particles as it keeps their coat shiny and healthy.

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