Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

The dandelion herb is another detoxifier. This common lawn weed cleans the blood-stream and liver, and improves the workings of the kidneys and stomach. It helps govern bowel movements and assists in filtering toxins and poisons out of the body.

A valuable diuretic, dandelion improves elimination efforts by the kidneys and liver, and still helps the body sustain its potassium levels. Presuming that you do not use pesticides or chemicals on your garden, the leaves can be picked right from your lawn, pulped and added to your dog's food.

Dandelion is also well-known as a tonic for the adrenal glands and will help to support normal adrenal functioning. This herb also contains vitamins and minerals which are important for hair health and growth.

Natural dog remedies containing dandelion

Immunity & Liver Support Formula

Use Immunity & Liver Support Formula to support healthy immune functioning, maintain liver health and aid in systemic cleansing. It acts as a tonic for the lymphatic system, supports healthy hemoglobin levels and promote vitality and balance in your dog.

Cushex for Cushing's Disease

Cushex supports the health of your pet's adrenal glands and maintains healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels while also helping with the health and strength of the skin and coat.

SlenderPet Formula

SlenderPet Formula supports healthy livers and effective processing of dietary fat, assists with maintaining healthy body weight in combination with a healthy eating plan.


Use i-Clenz to clean tear stains from dogs, support healthy vision and as a general tonic for the eyes and surrounding area.


DetoxPlus for dogs supports the body's natural processes of cleansing and elimination, aids healthy skin, coat, joints and digestive system and maintains healthy energy levels and general well-being.


Gums-n-Teeth promotes healthy teeth, gums and bones and supports the immune system.

Skin and Coat Tonic for Healthy Skin and a Glossy Coat in Pets

Skin and Coat Tonic maintains healthy skin and a glossy coat, supports the immune system and encourages liver, kidney and thyroid health.

Kidney Support

Kidney Support promotes urinary tract health by helping the kidneys in carrying out their natural function. It also helps with the normal production of hormones, including those involved in red blood cell formation and blood pressure regulation.

AnalGlandz to treat infected anal glands in dogs naturally

Use AnalGlandz to support the natural emptying of the anal glands, as an aid to manual emptying of anal glands during grooming, and to clean the anal area and support healthy anal glands.

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