Choosing a Crossbreed Dog

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Choosing a crossbreed dog from an animal shelter can sometimes be a better decision than buying a thorough bred dog. You are giving a home to a stray that eventually may have been put down. These dogs can make just as good a companion as any other expensive breed.

Pros and Cons of Selecting a Crossbreed Dog

Although a crossbreed dog doesn't come with a purebreed price tag, the cost of raising, feeding and looking after the welfare of your dog will be just the same. Although usually hardier dogs than purebreeds they don't look after themselves. They need propper nutrition, training, regular exercise, grooming, vaccinations and medical check ups from your vet.

Crossbreed dogs can still get sick but are not as likely to inherit some of the genetic diseases that can cause the purebreeds so much illness, like deafness, heart disease and epilepsy to name a few.

If you are adopting a crossbreed puppy, you have no idea of the size your dog will eventually reach. This could be a problem if you live in a small house or an apartment. Some people say you can tell how big the dog will grow by the size of it's feet, but don't rely on this very unscientific idea as it sometimes proves to be completely unreliable.

Another factor to try and keep in mind is the type of coat your puppy will have. If you don't want to spend a lot of time grooming your dog it's best if he doesn't finish up with a coat like a great dane.

Temperament of Crossbreed Dogs

If you have children it's important to know the temperament your dog will have and this is sometimes impossible to predict from a crossbreed puppy. A more mature dog from an animal shelter would be a better choice.

The staff who know the dogs will be able to recommend a suitable choice for a family with children or if it will be the companion of an elderly person. Neutering or spaying your dog can help to moderate some aggressive traits.

In conclusion, crossbreed dogs make wonderful companions, and can become just as loving and caring as any purebreed. Take care when choosing your crossbreed dog just as you would with any other type. You don't want your dog to finish up back in the animal shelter because you haven't chosen the right puppy. And remember if you take a crossbreed dog from an animal shelter you could just be saving his life.