The Cost of Dog Food

The cost of dog food may be an important consideration when deciding what particular diet you are going to give your dog. Feeding a dog dosen't have to be expensive, but it is important that you give your pet a proper balanced diet with the essential vitamins he needs to live a healthy, disease free life.

Usually, the cost of dog food that is commercially produced, can be quite expensive. You are paying more for processes like sterilization, oven baking, freezing and other modern technologies necessary to produce dog food in bulk.

Canned dog food will generally run out more costly than buying dry dog food in greater quantities, but read the list of ingredients to make sure your dog is getting enough protein and nutrients and not just rubbishy filling.

Feeding a large breed of dog is naturally going to more expensive than a smaller one, but one way around this expense is to make your own, this will undoubtedly keep the cost of dog food down.

If you decide to make your own, the cost of dog food can be easier to monitor. Although this is time consuming, it can be quite cheap, especially if you make plenty and decide to freeze some for later. Always use quality ingredients, You'll get them cheaper if you are buying in bulk and you'll ensure your dog's getting all the necessary proteins and vitamins he needs.

Don't change your dog's diet suddenly or you are likely to upset his digestive system. Gradually introduce the new diet over time and keep a look out for any unusual developments. You may find your dog to be allergic to some of his new food.

The cost of dog food doesn't mean you can't give your dog a properly balanced healthy diet. It only becomes costly if you follow the commercials on television and buy the latest canned food that is not only more expensive, but not necessarily any better for your dog than any home produced dog food.

If you're still not sure about the best option for your dog, visit your vet. He'll be more than happy to recommend a diet that's most suited to your breed of dog.

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