Is Commercial Dog Food
Killing Your Dog?

Are You Holding a Gun to Your Dog's Head?

Commercial Dog Food can be Killing Your Dog

Many world-famous Veterinarians and Dog Experts agree that any dogs eating commercial dog food are at a much higher risk of dying prematurely. Not only that but by the time symptoms are diagnosed, it's often too late to prevent an agonizing death except by lethal injection.

Some Commercial dog food contains at least 6 deadly chemicals that have been banned from human foods because they cause:

Kidney cancer

Bladder cancer

Skin cancer

Stomach cancer

Spleen cancer


Liver dysfunction

Major organ failure

Immune system collapse

Severe allergic reactions

Birth Defects


Chronic Diarrhea

Hair Loss and

Behavior problems, including increased aggressiveness, very dangerous if your dog is around children.

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Dog food ingredients

Some of the terrible ingredients in commercial dog food

Discover the terrifying-truth about commercial dog food that is linked to the deaths of thousands of dogs across the US every single day.

Hear What The Experts Have to Say about Commercial Dog Food

"If you continue to feed your dog commercial dog food, death-by-disease is practically guaranteed! You must find an alternative and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Did You Know the preservatives found in the commercial dog food you feed him could destroy his kidneys?

Dog Food SECRETS? is your survival-guide to a healthier, happier dog that lives up to 8.3 years longer than dogs whose owners feed them commercial dog food.