Chamomilla (Matricaria recutita)

Chamomilla is a herb that has been utilised by European naturopaths for hundreds of years. It has natural calming attributes and can help to facilitate soothed behavior in your dog.

Digestive troubles of all sorts have been treated using the herbal remedies derived from the chamomilla at least since the 1st century AD. These remedies are very gentle acting and effective, this is why the chamomilla is regarded as ideal for the treatment of conditions in children and pets.

Disorders such as abdominal pain and conditions like gastritis and colic are typically dealt with using chamomilla. Conditions such as hay fever and asthma are also addressed using the remedies prepared from the German chamomile.

Treatments can also be developed from the chamomile as remedies for sore and itchy skin and it can also be used in the treatment of eczema. Eyestrain and other eye conditions can also be alleviated using herbal remedies made from the chamomile herb.

Natural Dog Remedies Containing Chamomilla

Aggression Formula for Stressed and Aggressive Pets

Aggression Formula supports normal social behavior in dogs keeping them relaxed and calm when a new baby or animal is introduced to the family and acts as a nervous system tonic for highly strung, jealous or stressed dogs.

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