Burdock (Arctium lappa)

Burdock is the toxic cleaner herb and when used regularly, it helps clear the body of toxic elements, hence its reputation as a blood cleaner. Its power to purge out waste products and toxins makes it valuable for treating arthritis, and liver and kidney diseases.

If you live in an area where pesticide and chemical use is high, think about adding burdock as a nutritional supplement to your dog's diet, as it can help filter those dangerous environmental toxins out of your dog's body. Burdock is also useful in treating chronic skin conditions.

This is an extremely safe herb, and can be used without fear of toxicity or side effects. A lot of dogs also like the taste of it and will eat it readily.

It is also traditionally recommended for maintaining blood sugar levels within the normal range.


Natural Dog Remedies Containing Burdock

Kidney Support 

Kidney Support promotes urinary tract health by aiding water balance and fluid regulation so helping the kidneys in carrying out their natural function

Cushex for Cushings Disease 

Cushex supports the health of your dog's adrenal glands and maintains normal functioning while encouraging the health of coat and strength of the skin. Cushex also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels.

Detox Plus 

DetoxPlus for dogs supports the body's natural processes of cleansing and elimination, aids healthy skin, coat, joints and digestive system and maintains healthy energy levels and general well-being.

Eye Heal 

Eye-heal soothes the eyes keeping them shiny and bright, supports healthy vision and acts as a general tonic for the eyes.

Liver-Aid Formula

Liver-aid supports the liver's cleansing and purifying functions and encourages the healthy flow of bile and maintains gall bladder health It supports pancreatic health including the normal production of insulin.

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