Boxer Dog Insurance: Tips For Cover as Strong as Your Dog

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Boxer dog insurance is a must if you're the proud owner of a Boxer dog puppy. You'll want to keep him/her fit and healthy. Here's what to look out for.

Boxer dogs are popular family pets, renowned for their engaging personalities, loyalty and stocky appearance, but like all breeds are more susceptible to some health problems because of their pedigree breeding...

What common health conditions do Boxer dogs suffer from?

Purebred dogs are much more likely to suffer from certain illnesses as a result of their exclusive breeding and sadly Boxers are no different. Common health conditions that affect Boxers include:

Breathing difficulties

Because a Boxer has a short face they can suffer from Brachycephalic airway syndrome or breathing difficulties. This can lead them to easily get out of breath and in serious incidences can cause them to collapse.

Obesity worsens the symptoms of Brachycephalic airway syndrome so it's vital to keep your Boxer at a healthy weight.

Medication is also available from your vet as a short term solution and should be used in addition to limiting long periods of exercise, keeping your Boxer in a cool low humidity environment and avoiding stress.

If Brachycephalic airway syndrome worsens then surgery is a final option.

Heart conditions

Boxer Cardiomyopathy and Aortic Stenosis are two common heart conditions prevalent in the Boxer breed.

Treatment for heart disease in Boxers is usually limited to anti-arrthymic medication, which they will need to continue taking for the rest of their lives, often at significant cost to you the owner.


According to the UK Kennel Club, cancer is the leading cause of death in Boxer dogs.

That doesn't mean that veterinary treatment isn't available to Boxers who have cancer but you will need to ensure that any dog insurance policy you consider will pay out for this treatment.

How can you choose a healthy Boxer puppy?

Choosing a healthy Boxer puppy will be top of your priorities when you visit a breeder but most of the hereditary conditions they inherit don't fully develop until later in life.

Some genetic screening tests are now available for certain heart conditions which can give an indication whether a puppy is more susceptible to developing a heart condition later in life.

If you are concerned, speak with your vet about screening tests for a new Boxer puppy, and x-rays to check for dysplasia in adult Boxer dogs.

Finding the Right Boxer Dog Insurance

Given that many of the illnesses that Boxers are predisposed to develop are ongoing and often require long term treatment you should seriously consider a pet insurance policy that will pay out for ongoing treatment.

This would most likely mean either a lifetime boxer dog insurance policy, which offers ongoing cover up to a set limit which is renewed annually, or a maximum benefit policy which sets a total limit per condition over the course of your dog's life.

For the same reason it also makes sense to have boxer dog insurance in place from an early age because once any symptoms develop they will be treated as pre-existing conditions and the cost for treatment would be excluded from any new policy.

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