Beautiful Black Labradors

Black Labrador

Black labradors are probably the most popular of all the varieties of labrador retriever. Usually completely black, although some dogs do have a white spot on the chest and some have white hairs between the footpads and toes. Black labradors have become more common than either yellow labradors or chocolate labradors because black is the dominant color gene and the one that most breeders prefer.

This is a very sleek and graceful looking dog. Large and full of life, these dogs can be a bit intimidating, especially to young children, but they make great family dogs when trained, socialized and encouraged to get rid of their boisterous energy outside.

They are eager to please and are very easily trained. This is born out by the great number of black labradors that become assistance dogs, dogs for the blind and dogs that work with the rescue services.

The high energy of these dogs mean that they are not suitable for appartment living. Their natural exhuberance needs space and plenty of exercise or they can soon become bored and destructive if kept in a confined space.

This breed of dog will eat whatever is put in front of it so it's important to watch the dog's diet if you're not to have health problems with your dog in the future.

The black labrador has so much enthusiasm for life and is an excellent choice for a family with a large outside area. These dogs make good guard dogs, but they are very affectionate and gentle around people they are familiar with, especially children.

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