Bichon Frise Health Problems

The Bichon Frise health should not be a major problem as long as the dog comes from a reputable breeder, because they're normally a very healthy breed.

However, it is good to be aware of some of the common health problems that Bichon Frise dogs can suffer from so you are always prepared to treat and take care of the dog.


Allergies can affect a Bichon Frise's health. There are various different causes, including environmental, contact allergies and food allergies.

Bichons are more prone to allergies during the spring and summer. Excess scratching, general discomfort in movement and breathing, and excessive sneezing generally come with these  allergies.

The Bichon Frise is well known for being sensitive to flea bites as well, so if your dog is scratching, licking at  his paws, or rubbing his face often, it's probably an allergic reaction to something so have him checked out by your vet.

Luxating Patella

With smaller dog breeds, luxating patella is more common, particularly when the dog gets older. The disk in the hip or knee can slip and the joint then becomes dislocated. If the Bichon is limping or mostly preferring one of its legs, take it to the vet immediately.

Teething Problems

All dogs develop plaque, but The Bichon Frise is prone to early teeth loss, so good dental hygiene is essential. Canned foods should be avoided if possible, unless the dog is on a special diet 

Bladder Problems

Bladder, kidney stones and UTI's are not uncommon in this breed.  Bichon Frise health can be affected by small build ups in their urethra, caused by waste that has not been properly excreted. 

Bladder stones can develop, caused by various reasons including excessive protein, magnesium, and phosphorus in the diet. Some bladder infections can be retraced to bacterial or viral infections.

If your Bichon needs to urinate frequently, has blood in his urine, or seems to be straining with difficulty in urinating and loss of appetite, take him to the vet.

Refrain from giving the dog table scraps or any  human food  because a dog finds it difficult to digest all the extra additives and nutrients.

Tear Staining

Bichon Frise dogs suffer from tear staining. Excessive tearing and staining can be the result of a blocked or partially closed tear duct, discomfort caused by hair,  hormone changes, allergies, or some types of diets.

You can minimize the tear staining by cleaning and wiping the area under the eyes with i-Clenz from PetAlive

The Bichon Frise health is generally very good but always keep these conditions in mind so that the dog's long and healthy life and the owner's confidence in it's care can be be assured.

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