Beagle Health Problems

Genetically there are few conditions that will give a Beagle health problems and generally they are quite a healthy dog.

They may develop glaucoma, which causes an increase in pressure in the eye, and they can be prone to epilepsy, cherry eye and heart disease. However, these are not usually significant problems in the breed.

As the Beagle has large floppy ears, air circulation can be a problem, and they can develop painful ear infections.

Beagles love their food, so there is a tendency to over feed them so they can put on weight easily. Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, so watch your dog’s weight and adjust his food intake accordingly.

Prevent obesity by encouraging your dog to exercise. Restrict treats to help keep your Beagle at a healthy weight.

The Reverse Sneeze is a Beagle Health Problem

One of the more unusual Beagle health problems is the  “reverse sneeze”. This involves snorting repeatedly and loudly, sometimes for several minutes. This does not cause any harm to your Beagle, although it is a bit strange the first time it happens.

Beagles can develop torn discs in the spine that are very painful and can cause sudden paralysis. If your Beagle suddenly turns irritable and snappy, see your vet immediately.

This breed, like many dogs, are prone to develop fatty tumors. Visit your veterinarian if you find any strange lumps in the skin, and they may advocate some simple tests to confirm these are not harmful growths.
Beagles with allergies have itchy feet so they will constantly chew and lick them. Try a natural diet and vaccinate only when necessary. This helps the immune system to be in top condition, so preventing allergies from developing.
Skin and coat problems can affect Beagle health. Try Skin and Coat Tonic, as a natural remedy.

Epilepsy and seizures can occur in Beagles and are controlled with prescription and natural medications. Try EaseSure from PetAlive, a canine epilepsy natural remedy.

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