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Anxiety in dogs can be caused by all sorts of things. Some breeds of dog are naturally highly strung. but anxiety can be brought on in an easy going, placid dog by a sudden change in it's daily routine or simply loud noises from a thunder storm or even a visit to the vets.

Dogs that are left alone for long periods can become stressed through boredom and a lack of social contact. Food that's low in nutritional value can also cause anxiety in dogs They should always be given a high quality diet with plenty of raw food and clean water.

An unbalanced diet will eventually affect the way a dog's brain works, causing high levels of stress and anxiety. Exercise is important for keeping your dog alert and in a healthy condition.

Petcalm is a natural remedy that will soon calm and sooth anxiety in dogs. It is ideal for use in highly stressful situations such as a visit to the vets or a dog show.

Dogs are highly tuned to their owner's moods, so anxiety can be caused by stress levels in members of the family. Treat your own symptoms and you may find you end up with a happier, calmer dog.

PetCalm Product Report

PetCalm Benefits:

* Provide support for the nervous system

* Soothes the nerves in dogs with nervous dispositions

* Maintains emotional balance and confidence during competitive events and shows

* Helps your dog cope during difficult times

* Maintains calm during Halloween, fireworks and other frightening occasions

* As a tonic for the nervous system

Feedback from Petalive Customers

"I have a Jack Russell who pants and shakes terribly during a thunder storm. I give her a pinch of PetCalm and within seconds she is relaxed. Thanks for a great product."

"Our little Maltese is a real baby whenever it comes to a visit to the vet! If we give her a dose of PetCalm just before leaving and one when we are there is such a big difference which makes everyone much happier. Thanks for this lovely remedy which is easy to administer - as you say truly without fuss or bother"

Petcalm Ingredients

Scutellaria laterifolia (Scullcap)

Passiflora incarnata

Kalium phosphate

Argentum nitricum

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

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